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Cell Phone Policy


The Hillsdale Housing Commission provides cellular telephones (“cell phones”) for employee use in the normal course of their duties.  Commission-provided cell phones should be used primarily for business purposes.  Personal telephone calls are permitted, but should be kept to minimum number and minimum length of time.  Employees must fully reimburse the Housing Commission for personal use of Commission-provided cell phone beyond the Commission’s contracted scheduled minutes per month.


Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Employees are prohibited from using Commission-issued or personal cell phones while driving agency or personal vehicles on agency business.  If an employee needs to use a cell phone while driving on agency business, the employee must pull off the road to a safe location to use the cell phone. If there is a passenger in the vehicle, that person may place or take the call. Inform regular callers of your driving schedule and when you will be available to talk.

Personal Cell Phone Use

Use of an employee’s personal cell phone is allowed during working hours but calls must be limited and not interfere with the employee’s duties and responsibilities at the Housing Commission.  If abuse is identified then the employee is subject to reprimand.   

If the Commission requests that an employee use their personal cell phone for Commission business then the Commission will reimburse the employee for actual charges incurred. (Examples would include the need to place a call while working on a vacant unit or inspecting a property, etc.)

Cell Phone Courtesy

Though cellular phone use is allowed, it is important to remember that using cellular phones in a loud or disruptive manner is prohibited on Housing Commission property.  When disruptive behavior is identified, a supervisor or the Executive Director will take the appropriate steps to discontinue the disruption. 

Courtesy should always prevail.  If an employee is in a meeting then courtesy dictate that a cell phone or pager should be placed on mute, whenever possible. 

Cell Phone Use as an Internet and E-mail Appliance

Employees issued cell phones with Internet Web browsing and/or e-mail capabilities are subject to the Commission’s existing Acceptable Computer Use and Password and User ID Integrity Policies, incorporated herein by reference.  Employees subject to these policies shall receive copies of them and execute agreements as indicated.

Cell Phone Use and Possession – Employee Agreement

I acknowledge that I am being provided with the usage of a cell phone, at the expense of the Hillsdale Housing Commission for communication in connection with my job duties.  I agree that any charges incurred from usage of the cell phone beyond the Commission’s contracted scheduled minutes that are not directly related to Housing Commission business must be reimbursed to the Hillsdale Housing Commission.  I agree that I am responsible for loss of the cell phone and equipment and for cell phone and equipment breakage that is not due to normal wear and tear. 

I agree to keep the cell phone battery charged and the cell phone turned on and with me at all scheduled times so that I can be reached by Housing Commission staff.  I agree to return calls placed to the cell phone in a timely manner. 

I further agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in the Commission’s Acceptable Computer Use and Password and User ID Integrity Policies, incorporated herein by reference.   




Employee’s Signature







Executive Director